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The Rise of Louis Stylez

Louis Stylez Story and Biography

Power Players Entertainment


Fearlessness, passion, and business savvy.  Not everyone has what it takes to be in the rap game but through experience, Louis Stylez has proven he is the real thing.  Tens of thousands of fans across the world can’t get enough of “Kid Kansas City” for his witty punch-lines and relatable, real-life stories that speak truth.  Even while transforming into the hottest up-and-coming rapper, Louis Stylez stays true to his unique style.  His middle school drama teacher presented him with the “Most Likely to be Successful” award.  Little did she know just how accurate her prediction would become.


Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Louis Stylez was first inspired to rap while listening to Jay-Z playing on the car radio at age 14.  He thought, “I can do that.”  Now-inspired, he began filling a clipboard he received from his mother with line after line, night after night.  Before long, Louis Stylez found himself a part of a rap group with three classmates.  As the group matured, Louis Stylez’ group began winning every contest and talent show that they entered themselves into. However, it would be Louis Stylez’ unwavering dedication and passion that separated himself from the group. 


Louis Stylez always had the support of his parents.  From attending the very first performances and plays to financial support and words of encouragement, their presence and prayers are unwavering.  This has set the foundation for Louis Stylez’ fearlessness, passion, and ability to develop a keen awareness of the business side of the rap game.  Coming from the inner city, this is no small fete.  Few make it out of neighborhoods wracked with poverty, cyclical patterns of violence, and rampant drug abuse.  Early on, Louis Stylez knew that his plan for success would never include dealing drugs or participating in gang activity.


As he began to develop a fan base, jealous haters rose their ugly heads.  With an unique sound, Louis Stylez admits his first rhymes weren’t the norm.  By age 18, Louis Stylez was a solo artist who knew he had everything to prove.  He began to hone his lyrical skills all while acting at Paseo Academy of Fine & Performing Arts, a public high school dedicated to the arts.  After a rigorous admissions process, including an audition, it was here that Louis Stylez was able to develop a natural gift for acting first recognized by his middle school teacher.


Knowing the importance of education, Louis Stylez graduated from Paseo Academy of Fine & Performing Arts with a major in theatre.  Soon after, Louis Stylez released his first mixtape, My Style: Volume 1.  Next, My Style: Volume 2 - The Improvement hit the streets and quickly began garnering notoriety.  Radio stations from as far away as Chicago and New York City began seeking Louis Stylez out for interviews.  Before long, Troy T, Chief Editor of Power Players Magazine in Houston, heard Louis Stylez tracks and knew that the hype was not for anything.  Four music videos from Volume 2 were shot, including “Watch Me Round Your Girl,” and only added to the unstoppable buzz.


“Watch Me Round Your Girl” became Louis Stylez first hit.  Word spread through underground radio stations, club plays, and word of mouth that the hottest new rapper out of Kansas City, Missouri meant business.  Kansas City’s very own rap and R&B radio station, Hot 103.3 Jamz, played the song on Underground Heat, a radio show dedicated to highlighting up-and-coming artists.


After high school, Louis Stylez started his own business, The Make A Difference School Tour Program.  With the majority of elementary and middle schools in the Kansas City, MO participating, this program was built around skits written by Louis Stylez and a business partner.  These skits highlighted lying, plagiarism, character building, stealing, among other topics of concern.  A school would choose 3 topics to be acted out by Louis Stylez and his partner.  The skits were interactive, allowing children to decide the best solution to a dilemma.  In between skits, entertainers would perform a variety of outlets including poetry, dance, rap, and magic shows.  Louis Stylez engagement with children developed him as a strong role model.  This was not something he pursued but instead, naturally came to him.  As an entrepreneur, Louis Stylez business savvy only grew.  This experience would prepare him for a future in the music industry.


As a student at Penn Valley Community College, Louis Stylez continued to fearlessly pursue his music career.  With a homegrown celebrity in their midst, Penn Valley asked him to perform as a special guest at their annual talent show, one year after he himself hosted it.  During his time at Penn Valley, Louis Stylez was a student ambassador, helping incoming students enroll and integrate into the classroom.  He also went to high schools in order to promote higher education.  Louis Stylez was recognized for his work at Penn Valley and was sent to a leadership conference at the University of Missouri - Columbia.


After graduating from Penn Valley Community College with an Associates of Arts, Louis Stylez enrolled into Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri in order to pursue a Bachelors of Arts in Theater.  During this time, the final installment of the My Style mixtape series dropped under the name My Style: Volume 3 - Perfection.  The hype has only grown with the culmination of the My Style trilogy.  The three mixtapes speak to Louis Stylez growth from an passionate teen to a business savvy and fearless rapper. 


Even while progressing through his journey, Louis Stylez never forgets his roots in the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri.  It was here that he first found support and plans on continuing to give back.  This support includes Louis Stylez promoting education and seeking to be a positive role model for his fans, specifically African-American males.  The music video for “Ready” on an unreleased mixtape was partially filmed in front of an elementary school that was shut down to highlight the lack of quality education in the inner city.  In contrast, “Ready” was also partially filmed in a Penn Valley Community College classroom, insinuating that even in the inner city, higher education is a real possibility.


At Avila University, Louis Stylez has consistently maintained his hunger while molding and developing his acting skills.  It is why he continues to make the grades while auditioning and getting lead parts in such plays as Mel Brook’s The Producers and Shakespeare’s A Midsmmer Night’s Dream.  Theater assists in developing his on-stage presence.  He is also a member of Avila University’s Black Student Union. 


Even with outstanding reviews for his latest mixtape, Louis Stylez won’t be satisfied.  He wrote, recorded, and released his first album, The Rise of Louis Stylez, in the middle of midterms during his junior year!  This meant all free time was dedicated to homework, writing, and rehearsing for theater performances.  Ending the work day before 2 a.m. is a luxury for passionate rappers like Louis Stylez.  The Rise of Louis Stylez album has been well received on Rhapsody, eMusic, Google Play, Spotify, and iHeart Radio, not to mention 5 different iTunes around the world.


While maintaining dean’s list grades and participating in lead theater rolls, Louis Stylez has only gotten hungrier in pursuit of his music career.  While at Avila University, he has shot music videos for “Hit Record” and “Personal Reflection,” both from Volume 3.  Between the 6 music videos currently released, he has accumulated over 800,000 Youtube hits.


Louis Stylez understands that “It takes more than talent, work ethic, style.  It also takes wonderful ideas, understanding the business, planning and strategizing, and a continuous desire for knowledge.  Those attributes set me apart from other artists.”  Truly, Louis Stylez is separating himself from the competition by living out his words.


Louis Stylez has since graduated Cum Laude from Avila University procuring a B.F.A in Theater with an concentration in Acting. Currently, Louis Stylez is getting ready to release his E.P. “The Rise Of Louis Stylez” to online distributors. Louis Stylez is also working on his fourth mixtape, “Sneakers and Junk Food” alongside writing rhymes for a second album. This newest mixtape will continue to bring Louis Stylez to the forefront of the rap game.  He has brought on a new production team to keep the music fresh while staying true to his unique style.  While staying true to himself, this style is continually evolving and developing.  From his own clothing line to having tens of thousands of fans follow him on Twitter, Louis Stylez has set his sights on becoming the very best the game has to offer.


Fearlessness, passion, and business savvy.  Not everyone has what it takes to make it in the cutthroat music industry.  For those that want to know what it looks like, look no further than the rise of Louis Stylez.


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